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Group Fitness Classes

HIIT Group Classes

High Intensity Interval Training - Increase you metabolism during timed intervals utilizing many different forms of resistance and cardiovascular training.  This type of training is known to burn more calorie due to the EPOC effect (Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption).  Do MORE in LESS time!


Scaled to your ability, our HIIT classes utilize Functional Training Equipment such as Kettlebells, Battleropes, Sandbells, TRX's, Dumbbells, Plyo Boxes (and more), and of course your own body weight.  


Mind Body awareness, reconnect with your breath, practice yoga poses suitable to your abilities, work on balance, and increase your flexibility.

Corporate Classes

Interested in having a private class for your company tailored to your needs?  Contact us to discuss classes and times that will work for you.

Total Body HIIT 10/12/18


1   Sandbag Pull Thru

2   Equalizer Leg Overs (R/L)

3   Rope Slams

4   Step Lunge Hop (R/L)

5   Plyo Box Dips (Weight Option)

6   Romanian Deadlift

7   TRX Squat Row with Twist (R/L)

8   Decline Ball Pushups