Bethany - November 2019

I have been attending classes here since YBS first opened and I have yet to do the same exact workout twice! I love the variety of movements as well as the functionality of them. The instructors do a fantastic job at modifying each exercise and providing suggests based on your activity level. It has allowed me to challenge myself and do things that I did not know were possible.

Jen - October 2019

I enjoy the HIIT classes, as they offer such a variety of movement all in one class. Achieving a strength and cardio workout while focusing on my core and balance! It’s a great way to workout the whole body quickly and different exercises each session keeps it interesting.

Amanda - October 2019

I like the classes because the people there actually help you and show you the proper way of doing the workouts. I also like going to YBS because the people there become your family.

Christa - October 2019

I am so thankful that I have found out about this fitness center. I am grateful for Valerie, who is a client at Your Best Self for inviting me to join her and for informing me about this wonderful facility. First off, Tricia is so incredibly welcoming and exceptionally kind-hearted. She most definitely is in this business to make people feel good about themselves and to achieve their fitness goals. I can't thank her enough for what she has done for me! Technique is very important to me and she has an excellent way of helping you to improve or correct on your form when needed. Aaron, who I have worked with most often, is very knowledgeable in his field and I am so glad I have gotten to know him. He makes class fun and I'm highly appreciative of him and his work. Ethan, he has such an upbeat personality and greets you with a smile every time! Love to train with him, super trainer with such a positive attitude! Although I have not worked with Taylor, I see her often and she couldn't be any sweeter! I look so forward to coming to every class here at Your Best Self, it does both your mind and and body good . Each station in the HIIT classes are well-thought-out and creative. Once finished with class, you feel like you have accomplished something! I love the fact that Your Best Self takes pride in the cleanliness of their facility as well. Not only does Your Best Self make you become your best self, it allows you to be your own self...without judgement.I will be forever grateful to all the trainers and for what Your Best Self has done for me!

Misty - October 2019

Hey everyone, I’m Misty!
Your best self has become one of the places I look forward to coming to weekly with my mom and sister, I was always the girl who worked out at home alone until I found this gym! There is no judgement and all of the trainers are knowledgeable and very caring. They all want to get to know you on a personal level as well. The time goes by so fast during classes because it’s a fun atmosphere! I’ve gained so many amazing people to my life by attending these classes, so come on and come workout with us!

Chris - October 2019

Your Best Self Fitness is a welcoming gym offering training to a wide range of participants, from someone new to exercise to advanced athletes. I attend the Tabata and HIIT classes two to three times a week to balance out training for 5k races and triathlons. The classes are enjoyable and you gain new friends, resulting in an environment that is positive and motivational. The trainers are always available to help with technique and encouragement. They also keep things fresh with a constant rotation of exercises and varying the format. I would encourage anyone to give YBS Fitness a try. Regardless of your current fitness level, there is a spot for you at YBS Fitness. There are no expectations and no judging, you choose how hard to push yourself and decide which services are best for you…leading you to Your Best Self!

Larissa - September 2019

My name is Larissa - I was driving to work one morning and I passed a sign that said "Your Best Self" I said WOW I must call and see what this is all about. Here it was a fitness Gym. I couldn't be more excited because I can walk to classes so therefore I started scheduling- I went to my first class and it was AMAZING. Everyone was so amazing and nice. I absolutley love the trainers- Trisha,Taylor,Aaron and Ethan. My upper body strength was horrible. It has gotten much better since I started. I knew it was time to start focusing on me instead of putting myself on the back burner.. THIS PLACE IS AMAZING.

Vickie H. - May 2019

Your Best Self is able to accommodate clients with limitations.  Our Corrective Exercise strategies address imbalances or pain that may result from injuries.  Before and after a medical procedure, we have many strategies to safely allow our clients to continue exercising within physician guidelines.  

Vickie H. is pictured here post her foot surgery, happy to exercise as always!

Dana C. - January 2019

I started coming to Your Best Self in November, and I’m so glad I did. I’ve been to many gyms in the past but not one of them made me WANT to come back. I love the environment and the ladies/gentleman that push themselves alongside me every week. I’ve always struggled with how I view myself, and how I think others will view me. However, I have NEVER felt judged when attending these classes, instead I feel empowered. All three trainers are outstanding, and critique and push you to become Your Best Self.

Karina M. - January 2019

YBS Fitness is truly a unique gym! I've always had a desire to have a fitness routine, but I usually give up before I even get started! Tricia, Taylor, & Ethan are so knowledgeable & encouraging! I love the way they mix up the workouts, and make them so fun that I don't even realize that I'm breaking a sweat till class is over! I am so thankful to have found this gem of a gym!

Donna S - January 2019

This gym is the best! I went in not knowing what to expect or not knowing if I could do modifications due to my size. Tricia, Taylor, and Ethan have been phenomenal. They work with me on everything. They answer any questions. We laugh at the workouts and have fun. The community and welcoming type feeling you get when you step in is like no other. I’m thankful they welcomed me with open arms. I can’t wait to grow with them and see where they take me on my fitness journey. 

Alexa B. - January 2019

YBS is the real deal. I really enjoy going to class every week. Taylor and Tricia are extremely motivating and positive all of the time. I’ve never felt more comfortable at a gym. 

Misty B - January 2019

I’ve never been the type of person to go workout in a gym setting, I’ve always worked out in the comfort of my own home. I’m so glad that I decided to move past my anxiety and come to your best self. Taylor and Tricia and all of the other wonderful people that come to classes make you feel right at home! There is a modification for every fitness level and it’s nice to have them cheering you on and pushing you because they truly believe in you even if you want to stop and give up. There views on body image and body kindness speak volumes to me and I could be more grateful to have these classes to look forward to every week to just let loose and have a great time while bonding with others and getting a killer workout !

Bethany M - January 2019

I highly recommend YBS! The instructors are all very knowledgeable and strive to make your experience an incredible one. They choose exercises that are easily modified for less or more intensity + incorporate different movements each class to expose you to many forms of exercise and equipment. I can not say enough positive things about my experience here!

Lori T. - December 2018 

"Happy New Year 2019! I am on my way to Your Best Self to work out with Taylor Cope, the best trainer ever! I started with her in October and do not regret a minute! She has encouraged me to make small lifestyle changes that have helped me to feel better and want to be active! She is mindful of my age and mobility and lets me know that there is always modifications. I would recommend Taylor to anyone wanting to make a new healthy start!"