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Go from Casual Lifter to Seriously Strong in 8 weeks!

Programming to use in your gym.  Level 1 Beginner Available Now!

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 My name is Aaron Bernard and I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Men’s Physique Competitor.  Have you been training at the gym without a real plan?  Are you ready to go from Casual Lifter to Serious Strength in 8 weeks?  This is the program I developed and followed for myself when I started out.  It can be adapted for the seasoned lifter too as it is the basis of what I return to it whenever I am in my bulking phase of competition.  In this program, you will control the weights and how hard you push yourself.  I give you an 8 week guide, broken out week-by-week and into 3 workouts: Legs, Upper-body Push and Upper-Body Pull.  You will do each workout one or more times every week.  You can record your weights and track your progress, knowing it’s time to move up when the reps get easier.  The Program is available as a PDF to pull up at the gym and an Excel file as a place to record your results and notes.  I give you videos for warmups and stretches.  This program is easy to follow and uses the equipment found in most gyms.  It’s time to start so you can be Seriously Stronger in 8 weeks!  After you are done, drop me a line at Aaron@YBSFitness.com.  I want to hear about your results!  


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