About Us

NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist


Tricia specializes in Functional and Corrective Movement.  She has additional training in TRX, TRX Rip, Balanced Body Barre, YogaFit, Pilates, and LesMills Body Combat.

Tricia Hovorka


ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor.   I love to make working out accessible and fun!

Precision Nutrition Level 2 Master Trainer and ACE Certified Health Coach


Tricia coaches realistic, habit-based behavior change and education. 


Taylor Cope

Taylor for the past two years has been the Assistant Manager and a Personal Trainer at Fitness Together Poland, a personal training studio. In addition, she has a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist Certification, ACE Health Coach Certification & Hungry for Happiness Food & Body Freedom Coach Certification. 


Her passion started for fitness very young when she was a gymnast. After her gymnastic career ended she wanted to help other athletes strive to be better. However, along the way she battled with disordered eating and body image issues, so her mission has become much bigger. She is currently taking a certification program (Hungry for Happiness) that focuses more on the the mental and emotional side of weight issues, body image issues, and lack of self confidence.


Taylor has worked with a wide variety of clients and her background in Exercise Science gives her the knowledge to build exercise programs for client’s individual needs. She also puts lot of emphasis on helping her clients build a better mindset that will enhance their everyday life and help achieve long lasting results. 

Aaron Bernard


Aaron's passion for fitness began in high school. When his gym teacher recognized him as a quick study in technique and motivation, he recruited Aaron to train/assist the other students in the class. Since then, his desire to train/help others achieve their fitness goals has only deepened. 

Along with the desire to become a personal trainer, Aaron has also pursued his dream of competing in local bodybuilding/physique competitions. Aaron has always been a very private and reserved person; to stand in front of hundreds of strangers, while going through his routine, was a monumental accomplishment. 

While being on stage for his competitions was extremely important to Aaron, receiving his certification as a Personal Trainer has been the highlight of his life, thus far. As soon as he passed his test and received his certification, he immediately went on to receive his Specialist in Exercise Therapy certification. Currently, he is working towards his certification in Nutrition also.


Taylor Calcei


My name is Taylor. I’ve been training and teaching classes the last year at the Ravenna athletic center and the Lake/Alliance YMCA. I’ve always had a love for all things active and outdoors. I played soccer and track in high school. It wasn’t till after high school that I started taking different kinds of fitness classes and getting into weight lifting.I then realized I had a passion for fitness and wanted to share that with others.

I am certified through W.I.T.S and Neta Group Exercise. In the past, I’ve taught classes like women on weights, bootcamp style classes and total body toning. I’ve also worked a lot with seniors and taught a senior class as well. I look forward to introducing new classes at Your Best Self!

Ethan Griffith


I am currently an undergraduate at the University of Mount Union majoring in Exercise Science and I am an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer. I am a member of the Men’s Track Team where I run the 500-meter dash, 400-meter hurdles, and Triple Jump. I am a three-time National Champion in Indoor Track, Outdoor Track, and Football. 

I specialize in Strength Training and Cardiovascular Training, particularly in young adults. My passion for strength training began my freshman year of high school. I only weighed 130lbs and could barely lift my own body weight. By the time my senior year came, I weighed 175lbs, I could bench 305lbs, and could squat 425lbs. These results came from a passion I found in Strength Training, and I hope to share that passion with all of my future clients. 

My cardiovascular experience comes from the previous 8 years I’ve been a track and field athlete. In high school, I was a state qualifier in the 110 hurdles and the 4x400 meter relay. Being a middle-distance runner I had to learn sprinting mechanics as well as fast twitch muscle fiber training, while at the same time being very aerobically fit and know how to run for endurance. This gives me experience in both sprinting dynamics and long-distance training. 

Shannon Johnson


Shannon is a nationally certified instructor with over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. Shannon has taught a wide variety of group fitness classes and currently enjoys teaching Pilates the most because it is easy on the joints and scalable to a variety of fitness levels.